Beautifully descriptive!

Anything but Civil - Anna Loan-Wilsey A Lack of Temperance (Hattie Davish Mysteries) - Anna Loan-Wilsey

I had read the first in this series, "A Lack of Temperance", and it left me wanting more.  Then I heard that this second title would be set in Galena, IL (an easy 80 miles away from me) and I wanted to read it even more.  I was lucky enough to be approved for a digital ARC of it via NetGalley and was ecstatic.


Anna Loan-Wilsey described Galena so beautifully that I feel as though I could find my way around the town, despite having never been there!  This title also features a lot of Lincoln and Civil War era history (hence the title), and a solid mystery.  


I have been very impressed with both titles, and will be very interested in seeing this series continue.  I'm recommending this for purchase for my library, not only for the local interest angles of the setting and the Civil War, but for the seamless melding of history, mystery, and travelogue.