An Enthusiastic Five Stars!

Bran New Death - Victoria Hamilton

An outstanding cozy series debut.  Merry Wynter is in a bind. She's inherited a castle in upper New York State, but not only is it run-down and need updating if it's ever going to sell, but someone's digging holes all over the lawn! 


Fast paced and highly entertaining, I can't wait for the next installment of Merry's adventures.  Also, this has one of the best lines EVER in a cozy, as one of the characters remarks, “Not a clue, my dear girl. Not a clue! But it seems like an awful lot of tragedy for one small family and business, unless you’re in the middle of a Greek drama or a Shakespeare play. Or one of those cozy mysteries, where the residents of a tiny town are bopped off one by one, and yet no one gets the willies and leaves.”  Loved it.