Yes, Ladies and Gents, he does it again!

Stonecast - Anton Strout Alchemystic - Anton Strout

No sophomore slump here!  I had been anxiously awaiting the followup to last year's Alchemystic, the first in Anton Strout's Spellmason series, since I absolutely adored it.  After doing everything but having the labor pains to bring it forth,  I finally, finally got my hands on it on release day. I barely managed to hang on til I'd finished my current read before starting Stonecast


Once started, it wasn't easy to put it down!  I'd been fairly sure that Stanis wasn't down and out for good (it wouldn't be a series without him) but I sure couldn't figure out what was going to happen, or how he and Lexi were going to work out that whole human/gargoyle attraction thing.  (Yes, I am twisted enough to have asked Anton about that angle, and his reply was for an adult audience, though somewhat expected...think chafing...).


Anyway - this second in the series delivers - lots of twists, suspense, and (maybe) a fresh outlet for Lexi's affections. I'm definitely staying tuned for the third book, and hopefully  many  more!