It's always a thrill....

Skating Under the Wire - Joelle Charbonneau Skating on the Edge (Rebecca Robbins Mystery, #3) - Joelle Charbonneau Skating Around the Law: A Mystery - Joelle Charbonneau Skating Over the Line: A Mystery - Joelle Charbonneau

....to see the name of the town you live in in a book.  It's also very nice to have met the author and know that she is a sweetheart and has a memory like an elephant. (How else would she remember me from meeting me ONE time at Printer's Row two years prior to our next and most recent meeting?  Of course, due to my son's enthusiasm for her  YA series, she may now never forget me...).


Anyway - This series is set in a fictional town named Indian Falls, Illinois.  On a map, it's probably somewhere between Sterling and Polo.  A lot of area towns get cameos, though Dixon seems to be the most frequent (or maybe that's just because I live here so I'm looking for it.)  Rebecca has inherited a skating rink from her mother, and has had to come home from her established life in Chicago to figure out what to do with it.  At first, she was determined to sell and get the heck out of Dodge...erm, Indian Falls, but as time goes by, memories, relatives, responsibilities, and small town life start to change her mind.


There's no denying that I am a child of the 70's.  I spent every weekend possible at the skating rink in the next town over during my junior high and high school years. And I had the biggest crush on the rink owner's  younger son, Joel, who was the epitome of early 80's crushworthiness (he looked like Shaun Cassidy with darker hair).  So the roller rink setting is instantly both nostalgic and comfortable for me.  Reading these make me long to take a trip home, go to the rink and rent a pair of skates.  Being that I'm now 47 and never was very good at skating in the first place, this is probably a very bad idea, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to do it!


The latest in the series, which I just finished (because it was just released two days ago), should have been titled "Skating ON the Wire".    I feel like I have been left teetering on a tight rope on roller skates!   Which way will Rebecca's affections turn? Will it be Lionel, the steady, faithful, veterinarian who is already in love with her?  Or will there be a twist and she will end up with her former nemesis, Sean, the cop who has nearly arrested her more times than I remember?  Sean made sure that he let it be known in no uncertain terms that he'd be interested in a relationship if things don't work out with Lionel.  To make things even more complicated, it is my understanding that there's going to be a longer-than-usual wait for the next chapter in Rebecca's adventures to hit bookshelves.  I'll just have to deal with the book hangover and be patient!