Pure love...

A Potion to Die For - Heather Blake

I should probably admit here that I  have loved everything I've ever read by Heather Blake/Heather Webber, and that she is also one of the sweetest people I have ever met. 


When I heard she was coming out with this series, I was highly excited and was even more excited when I scored an ARC via an online contest.  Potions, witchiness, mystery?  Surefire recipe for a winner of a book!


Well, (probably needless to say,) I wasn't disappointed. Loved it from the first word to the last.  Carly Bell is a good witch, and believes in staying firmly on the side of white magic. Her cousin, not so much.  Both run potions shops in their small town, and of course there's a bit of rivalry going on, but it is tied to a family mystery, as well.


When a dead body shows up in Carly's shop clutching a potion bottle, Carly's forced into desperate measures, including teaming up with her cousin, to solve the mystery and clear her name.  Add to all this a town and family full of what my mama would have called "characters", and this is simply a delightful read.  Don't miss it!