Chicagoland Vamps? Yes, please!

Howling For You  - Chloe Neill House Rules  - Chloe Neill Biting Bad - Chloe Neill Biting Cold - Chloe Neill Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 5) - Chloe Neill Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 4) - Chloe Neill

Most any urban fantasy series set in Chicago is going to catch my attention.  A large part of why The Dresden Files is way up there with me, in spite of the recent depressing storylines, is the setting. 


This series not only caught my attention, it's holding it very well.  There are a lot of series, even in my beloved Cozy mysteries, that I won't read the e-novellas.  Not this one.  I devoured Howling For You in one sitting and was ready for more - good thing the next book comes out soon! 


I'm not one of those readers that waits until a series is complete to start reading - I actually enjoy (for the most part, see above Dresden Files for an exception - endless delays make me cranky) the anticipation of wondering what the characters will get themselves into next time. 


Even though this series does seem to be heading down the path of, "Don't these people EVER catch a break?"  which seems to be prevalent in ongoing urban fantasy series these days (and which I'm not really happy about as a trend),  there's enough humor and good stuff to keep me reading.